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Members Shop (points)


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Hello :)

Points Earning System set by admin

Allow members to earn points for starting topics ( admin set which forums id and point earned exp 2 points)
Allow members to earn points for replying to topics ( admin set which forums id and point earned exp 0.5 points )
Allow topic starter to earn points for replies to their topics
You can set different amounts of points for each category of the forums
You can choose to take the points back from deleted topics or posts if the topic / post gets deleted ( this is a hard delete if they are still pending deletion then the points will remain until it is permanently deleted )

Allow your members to earn points for receiving reactions from their content ( If a user removes the reaction it will also remove the points awarded )

points earned the members can spend the points for unlocking encrypted link in topic

example if I take Released Extensions forum
[3.3.0] ACP Version Check (I set 10 points to unlock the link ) ( I am talking about link not attachments )
[3.3.1] Login Redirect (I set 20 points to unlock the link )

for members who havent time to be active in forum... so they can buy points with paypal
30$ = 300points
20$ = 150points....