This board is the new home for david63's extensions.

All of the extensions hosted here will need to be treated as a new install as there is no migration from the original ones to these, and furthermore, no support will be given to migrating to any of these extensions from previous versions.

Due to the selfishness of certain board members it has become necessary to apply a limit of how many downloads each member can make before making a donation. Once a donation has been made then you will have unlimited downloads.

Functionality demo

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Functionality demo


Post by Ch3vr0n »

With so many extensions listed, and all support being provided/listed here and not on the phpbb extension db? it's hard (at least for me) to fully understand which extension does what, how it looks, where to find it without physically installing it. And in order to do that i need to download it first. It's impossible for me to make a donation for unlimited downloads or even make a download, before being able to correctly judge something.

Would it be possible to add screenshots to extensions so one knows at least beyond the basic description how something looks?